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Utility Marking Aerosol Paint

Colors of Utility Construction Marking Aerosol Paints
USSC manufactures several colors of upside down Utility and Construction Marking Aerosol Paints. Formulated to be bright in Colors and High Solids.
Utility Marking Aerosol construction Paints
USSC Utility Construction Marking aerosol Paint have low odor, contains the lowest VOC's ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) than any paint in this category.
underground utility marking paint construction marking Aerosol
Extremely durable aerosol utility marking paint DURA STRIPE is fitted with UMA -Utility Marking Aerosol Spray Tip ( whip cream ) type tip that sprays a narrow line.
aerosol can spray wand.
Top view of the can holder of the hand spray wand. When the trigger under the handle is pressed the coat hanger presses against the spray to start the can spray
spray wand marking paint
To spray cans install the can in the circular can holder of the spray wand.
construction underground utility marking paint
Picture shows the correct position of UMA spray tip against the coat hanger trigger. If the trigger is not exactly in the middle of the tip it can be moved with thumb pressure.
aerosol marking paint colors APWA
The coat hanger shaped actuator is positioned exactly in the middles of the spray tip. When the handle trigger is pressed the spray is actuated as seen in this picture.
Hand Wand Florescent Orange marking Paint.
Spray application of underground utilities marking Florescent Orange paint on grass. Spraying done with a Hand held Long Spray Wand.
Aluminium aerosol marking paint
We have over 20 Bright colors of upside down marking paints in stock. including a Aluminum pigment marking paint for high night-time visibility.
Aluminium Aerosol layout marking paint
DURA STRIPE is recommended when  a DURABLE marking paint is needed. ECO STRIPE a water based aerosol paint. Aerosol CHALK is for temporary markings.
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