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Removable field paint

removable paint.
STRIPE-X is a true removable paint manufactured by USSC. STRIPE-X is available in bulk 5 gallon buckets containers in White and several stock colors.
Removable Paints Aerosol
STRIPE-X removable paint is also available in aerosol cans. Aerosol cans are designed for ease of use to be sprayed using USSC's  aerosol paint striping machines.
removable lacrosse line paint for synthetic turf fields
STRIPE-X bulk paint being spray applied as removable athletic field yellow Lacrosse lines on a synthetic turf field using an airless spray bulk spray machine,
Spray Athletic Field Lines Logos on Synthertic Field Turf
STRIPE-X is a safe water base paint and is specifically formulated to bond extremely well with plastic filaments of Synthetic Turf Fields.
Aerosol Removable Paint for Synthetic Field Turf being sprayed.
STRIPE-X is also available in aerosol cans which are convenient to use. They eliminate the time, the effort needed to spray bulk paints using airless machines.
Removable Paint
STRIPE-X is a tough durable paint but with one big difference, itcan easily be removed the same day or after several weeks using our STRIPE-X remover.
remover synthetic turf field paints
To remove STRIPE-X paint lines. First apply USSC's water-based STRIPE-X REMOVER on the lines and let it soak for about 4-5 minutes.
plastic artificial turf Removable paints
Do not let the remover dry. Scrub the lines with brush, adding more remover when needed to get the paint loose from the plastic filaments of the field turf.
White colors Removable field Paints
The remover is specifically designed to break apart the STRIPE-X paint. Scrub the lines then rinse with water, The STRIPE-X paint will start to DISSOLVE & FADE.
Paint remover artificial turf grass
Final step, spray rinse water till all the paint and remover residue are completely washed off and erased from the turf.
Removable Paint Football Field End zone.
Checkered design in football field End Zone painted with STRIPE-X Removable Paints using a bulk airless spray machine.
remove paint from football field end zone
STRIPE-X paint can be removed the next day or after the Football Season. Apply the REMOVER, let it soak then rinse with water to completely remove.
mascot logo removable paints
Removable Mascots or Logos can easily be painted on synthetic turf fields using STRIPE-X.
This unique paint can be removed the same day or after several weeks.
removable logo
To paint a removable logo on synthetic turf field. First lay the template logo in the correct position on the field. Second paint through the dots cut in the template.
synthetic turf paint
Third, connect the dots on the turf and paint the outlines. STRIPE-X can be used as supplied, there is no need for thinning. It is water-based, safe for synthetic turf and user.
Removable Red Field Paint being applied field stencil
Fourth, fill in the colors of logo. STRIPE-X paint is available in Bright White and several colors. We have most popular colors in stock. If needed we can match custom colors.
logos lines painting synthetic turf remove paint
Use STRIPE-X to paint Lines, Logos, Letters, Mascots in any color, Our removable paint is tough, durable and will only come apart when our remover is sprayed over it.
logo project Synthetic Field Turf.
We provide everything needed for the entire painting project - stencil, paint, machines and expertise. Any size, shape, font, design, mascot we can handle it.
removable synthetic turf field marking paint
Even after 60 days, the patriotic ribbon painted using our removable Synthetic Field Turf marking paint STRIPE-X
safe water base Remover for football field synthetic turf
After 60 days in the synthetic turf the ribbon is removed by using our safe, water based, STRIPE-X remover. First step to remove, spray the remover on the paint.
remove erase paint synthetic turf broom
Wait few minutes to give the remover time to react with the paint and make the paint weak, dissolve and come loose from the plastic. Use power brush for agitation.
broom logo lines with water
Along with power brushes offered by USSC a bristle broom can also be used for manual agitation. The REMOVER is water based and safe, but wear safety eye glasses and gloves.
remove paint synthetic turf athletic field
If needed spray more remover and agitate. Finally use rinse water to completely wash away the paint and remover residue. A few rinses might be needed.
removal of Logo from Synthetic Turf Football Field.
Final step is to rinse with water to completely remove the patriotic ribbon painted with USSC's true removable paint STRIPE-X
Remove Soccer Lacrosse Lines on Synthetic Field Turf.
We also offer STRIPE-X REMOVER packaged in convenient to use and store aerosol cans. Removal of Lacrosse lines or Soccer Lines painted with STRIPE-X paint.
Spray aerosol remover
Step 1, Spray apply the STRIPE-X REMOVER from the aerosol can. The aerosol cans will fit in our spray machines. Let the remover soak in the paint for about for 5 mins.
brush remove synthetic turf field paint
Agitate the paint-remover mixture manually by using a stiff bristle brush or using power scrubbers recommended by USSC.
remover to wash lines remove logos
If needed, use very lightly a pressure washer to help removal and rinsing of the lines or logos. STRIPE-X paint lines and USSC aerosol chalk lines are completely erasable.
remove Bad paint line on synthetic field turf.
Wrong bad paint applied as lacrosse lines. Our assignment was to remove the bad paint and apply the right paint USSC paint.. First the bad paint lines were removed.
removed Yellow Lacrosse Lines soccer
After the bad paint lines from another company were completely removed, USSC crew use STRIPE-X to paint Yellow Lacrosse field Lines to restore this turf field.
striping painting marking artificial field turf
If you need our recommendation on what type of paint or what of remover to safely and effciently use on synthetic turf athletic fields, PLEASE call us.
synthetic field turf cleaners paint disinfectants
We provide removable paints, temporary aerosol chalk, permanent paints, logo stencils, cleaners, disinfectants, long term microbial protection for synthetic turf fields.
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