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Concrete Overlay / Concrete Coating

beautify protect concrete
Concrete DeFender is a one component water-based, safe, VERY DURABLE coating designed to beautify & protect concrete surfaces.
concrete coating non slip surface colors
Ready to use.
Contains aggregate for non-slip surface.
Apply using brush, roller , squeeze. 
Available in several stock and custom colors.
concrete coating overlay foot traffic
Eventhough it is water based it dries fast. Ready for foot traffic in 2 hours. Vehicular traffic in 4 hours. If needed dried coating can easily be re-coated or touched up.
concrete coating pressure wash
Coating looks great even after a year of service. If needed it can easily be pressure washed with the water pressure set at low.
concrete stairs no paint coating
Stadium stairs.
No paint or coating.
Acrylic concrete protective coating overlay
Application of USSC's concrete protective coating / concrete overlay DeFender in
Yellow and Black.
easy to apply concrete protective coating paint
Easy to apply with in house crew simple convectional equipment like brush, rollers and squeezes. Easy to clean up with water. Very low odor.
protective coating for concrete non skid surface.
Stadium steps painted with concrete protective coating Defender. Special aggregate in the coating gives it the non-skid safe surface.
concrete coating on hotel walkway.
USSC's Gray, Yellow and Red Concrete DeFender applied outside a hotel walkway.
concrete gray coating protects and beautifies.
Easy to maintain and clean.
Looks great even after years of service.
custom colors concrete coatings paints
Electric Vehicle car Battery Charging Station parking spots painted with Concrete Defender Green, white and yellow colors. We manufacture custom paint colors & EV stencils
discuss concrete coating paint overlay application
Please call us toll free to discuss your requirements and we be glad to discuss your project and recommend the correct products and application procedure.
repair protect damaged concrete paths re-new
Concrete Defender is easy to apply.
Apply over damaged concrete to re-new.
Easily repair, rejuvenate and protect golf course cart paths.
dries fast concrete coating
Concrete Defender dries fast.
Ready for foot traffic in 1 hour.
Ready for vehicular traffic in 4 hours.
Non skid, Durable.surface.
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