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Warehouse Repair Paints

acrylic coating
Renew, repair old damaged weathered concrete with USSC's one component extremely durable  water based acrylic coating - Concrete DeFender.
non slip coating
Concrete DeFender is easy to apply with simple application techniques like brush and roller. Special anti-skid additives to make the coating non-slip.
concrete coating
One component water based coatings, other high performance concrete protective coatings are available in several colors to match the color of your building.
architectural paints roof coatings sealers roof coating
We manufacture
custom cut Sign Stencils, concrete coatings, asphalt sealers, Direct To Metal paints. roof coatings, and a whole range of architectural paints
asphalt crack coating sealer
Rejuvenate, repair old asphalt driveways, parking lots with our ready to use Asphalt crack filler coating. We also offer a full line traffic paints and machines.
asphalt coating
Apply fast dry, non tracking, non toxic, water-based acrylic asphalt coating using Roller, Squeeze or a airless spray machine.
clear concrete sealer
One component clear water based polyurethane sealer for long term protection of concrete, brick and paving stone surfaces.
clear coating concrete driveway walkway
Protect unpainted concrete driveways, walkways, roads with an easy to apply yet extremely durable clear non-yellowing coating
gray curb paint
USSC Gray Curb paint to beautify and protect.
red fire lane curb paint
USSC Red Curb paint for fire lane protection and safety.
direct to metal dtm coating
Low odor, water-based, low VOC, extremely durable Direct to Metal DTM protective paints.
direct to metal coating railings sidings fire hydrants
USSC  ( DTM ) direct to metal coating are available in several colors. Paint Metal Railings, Metal Beams, Doors, metal building sidings and Fire Hydrants.
interior exterior architectural paints
We manufacture Concrete Block Filler Paints, Coatings for Rest Rooms and several other interior and exterior architectural paints.
wood stains
High performance water based
Wall paints &
oil based and polyurethane
Wood Stains.
metal siding rafter fan paints coatings
We can recommend several specially formulated coatings for interior metal sidings, rafters and fans.
plastic insulation paint
Coatings / Paints to refresh, renew beautify and protect metal beams and plastic insulation.
metal beams paint
Direct to Metal coatings to beautify, protect, and color code metal beams and rafters for sinage and safety.
warehouse dock insulation door floor paint coating
Paint old dock doors, siding insulation, and warehouse floors to make them look brand new.
warehouse plant floor coatings
We can recommend the correct coating for your requirements. One or two component pigmented or clear acrylic, epoxy or polyurethane warehouse / plant floor coatings
warehouse coating
Easily beautify your warehouse with a quick application of the correct coating. Protect and keep floors clean with USSC paints and coatings.
warehouse plant floor coatings
For small projects use DURA STRIPE aerosol line marking paints and striping machines. Color code different production areas and storage zones.in warehouses.
polyurethane coating aerosol
Aerosol line marking are available in several colors. The lines can be top coated with our clear aerosol polyurethane coating for additional protection and durability.
floor wax finish floor tile polish
We manufacture several types of Floor finishes and Floor waxes to protect and beautify several floor substrates like VCT tiles, granite, stone and terrazzo floors,
floor disinfect floors carpets
Several other products to rejuvenate, clean and disinfect floors and office carpets. Please call us toll free to talk to our Janitorial department product experts.
red oxide primer
Water based and solvent based one component rust inhibitive and weather protective coatings Red Oxide Primer ROP for indoor and outdoor metal protection.
red oxide primer direct to metal
USSC red oxide primers are capable of exceptional performing as a stand alone coating or can be top coated with water based DTM paints in several colors
red oxide primers
Red Oxide Primers are specially formulated with top quality resins and rust inhibited pigments and additives to impart the rust inhibitive properties.
red oxide primer
Red Oxide primer has high solids. low VOC and low odor. Can be applied with conventional techniques namely rollers, brush or airless spray machines.
roof coatings
We offer a whole range of flexible, water resistant, durable ROOF COATINGS. Protect your roof and reduce heating and cooling cost with its insulating properties
roof coatings
USSC Roof Coatings are formulated to protect the roof from weather damage and reflect the heat to keep the temperature in the building lower.
concrete block wall coatings
We formulate a proven paint for concrete block wall or corrugated metal warehouse siding.
corrugated metal sidings paints
Rejuvenate old weathered corrugated metal sidings with USSC paints.
direct to metal dtm paints coatings
Direct To Metal DTM water based coating that are extremely, durable, bright and high in visibility. Several uses of this paint for protection and safety.
fire lane curb paints stencils
Fire Lane Red Traffic Paint and curb paints. Cross walk paints, traffic line lane marking paints, parking lot spots paints and custom stencils.
traffic line marking paints
We manufacture a full range of traffic line marking paints for parking lots, roads, streets, highways to meet city, county, state and federal specifications.
custom cut stencils signs
White,Yellow, Handicap Blue, Red and several  standard colors in stock. We custom cut stencils and signs. We routinely match custom colors for traffic line marking paint.
wooden wood metal stairs protective coatings
Easy to apply anti-slip and protective coatings for Wood or Metal Stairs.
anti slip coatings
Water based, Fast dry, Safe, eco-friendly Anti-Slip coatings available in several colors and natural clear.
waste water treatment plant coating
Specially formulated coatings for demands of Water-treatment Plant Clarifier Linings to coated with a chemical resistant Phenolic Coating.
chemical resistant coating
High performance,
Fast Cure,
Chemical Resistant,
Industrial grade
Phenolic coating DURA-ARMOR 260.
steel concrete chemical resistant coating
Chemical Resistant Coating
for Steel or Concrete, DURA-ARMOR 444-370.
poly urea coating
Concrete Pond
coated with
Chemical Resistant
two component
polyurea coating system
DURA ARMOR 444-370.
poly urea coating
Fast setting
heavy duty,
poly urea coating
DURA ARMOR 444-382.
chemical resistant poly-urea coating
100 % solids
Poly-urea coating,
DURA ARMOR HM375. Extremely durable,
chemical resistant and zero VOC'S
chemical resistant industrial grade coating
Chemical Resistant,
Industrial Grade
Fast Setting coating
for several applications and uses
DURA ARMOR 444-370.
poly urea coating
Versatile DURA 444-370 two component poly urea coatings can be applied on
metal or concrete.
chemical resistant poly urethane coatings
Cutting edge technology two component Chemical resistant Polyurea, polyurethane Coatings specially formulated for interior and exterior industrial use.
poly aspartic industrial coating
Two component, catalyzed coating poly aspartic coating DURA-ARMOR for performance requirements of Industrial use.
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