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Super concentrated Bulk Athletic Field Marking Paint.

Field marking paint concentrate white.
Dilute 1 part of paint concentrate with upto 5 parts of water. Save on Storage Space & Shipping costs. Will not separate or settle, Yielding final paint cost of $ 3.95 / gallon.
High Pigment level latex concentrated field paint.
AQUA STRIPE #10 has no fillers. Formulated with very high Levels of prime Titanium pigment, Contains high resin content resulting in excellent DURABILITY

Pour field marking paint concentrate in bucket.
Step 1
Pour one gallon of
super concentrate athletic field marking paint
 in a
5 gallon bucket.
pour water mix with field marking paint concentrate
Step 2
Add Four gallons of water to one gallon of
AQUA STRIPE #10 concentrate.

Mix water with field paint it will not seperate or settle
Step 3
Stir thoroughly to mix the paint and water mixture before spraying. It will mix easily and will not settle even when the mixed paint is stored for a week.
Bright durable field marking paint from concentrate.
Step 4
Use any type of bulk spray airless or electric machine to easily spray the diluted paint. Yields BRIGHT WHITE, DURABLE CRISP LINES.

Field marking paint ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds
AQUA STRIPE # 10 Zero VOC. Same super properties as AQUA STRIPE #10 but specifically formulated to have ZERO VOC's. Good for the environment.
Bulk Athletic Field Marking Paint with 0 VOCs
White, Bright, Durable athletic field lines painted with paint containing
" ZERO "
AQUA STRIPE #10 concentrate is a good selection saving on shipping costs, storage space and yielding a very low cost of $ 3.95 per gallon of the diluted paint.
Please review our other grades of Aqua Stripe Bulk Field Marking Paints. We could have other grades that might fit your requirements better.
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