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Traffic Paints

traffic line marking paints
US SPECIALTY COATINGS manufactures a whole range of Traffic Line Marking Paints - TECHLINE water based paint sprayed using a GRACO striping machine.
water base fast dry traffic paint
TECHLINE traffic paint is a fast dry, water base, very BRIGHT, High solids, low in VOCs, dries extremely DURABLE, good ABRASION RESISTANCE.

traffic paint white yellow red blue
TECHLINE fast dry water based Traffic Paint is available in WHITE, YELLOW, HANDICAP BLUE, RED and BLACK.
top quality traffic line marking paints
USSC's traffic line marking paints are Durable, Safe and easy to Use. Made with top quality raw materials to adhere to most clean surfaces for years of service
aerosol  layout chalk
DURA STRIPE aerosol can CHALK paint for layout, and TECHLINE WHITE Bulk Striping PAINT.
high solids water base white traffic paint
TECHLINE WHITE is low in VOCs, high in SOLIDS. Being Water base it is easy to use and easy to clean up.
adhere to concrete asphalt traffic paint
USSC traffic paints are Bright, UV resistant, formulated to adhere to both asphalt and concrete and can be made reflective using glass beads.
call for traffic line marking paints
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fire lane curb paint red stencil
Fade resistant bright Red FIRE LANE Curb Paint and FIRE LANE Stencil. manufactured by USSC applied on a High School parking lot.
water base cross walk paint
Cold applied, extremely Durable, high solids liquid, water base, fast dry line marking traffic paint applied along with glass beads applied as CROSS WALK Paint.
paint parking lot lines
USSC aerosol CHALK to layout position of the parking lot lines. USSC fast dry water based TECHLINE White Traffic Line Paint. to paint the 6 inch wide lines.
direct to metal paint asphalt repair seal coatings
We manufacture traffic line marking paints, curb paints, Direct to Metal ( DTM ) paints, asphalt repair products, high performance seal coatings and stencils.
traffic paint meets city county federal specifications
We offer several grades and formulations of water traffic base paints to meet city, county, federal specifications. Custom coatings that meet special requirements.
fast dry water based traffic paints
Our fast dry water based traffic paint formulations are designed to dry extremely quickly so that traffic can resume quickly without tracking of the freshly sprayed paint.
paint for concrete parking deck
High performance solvent based traffic paint for striping durable lines is our SUPREME paint. SUPREME being sprayed applied on a brand new concrete parking deck..
high traffic area acrylic traffic paint
Acrylic solvent based traffic line SUPREME has Superior ABRASION RESISTANT. It is specifically formulated to hold upto high traffic conditions.
fast dry paint new concrete
SUPREME is FAST DRYING and has great Adhesion and Durability even on new concrete.
best solvent base traffic paints
USSCs SUPREME is available in Yellow, White, Blue, Black. For its superior durability this formulation is the BEST VALUE in one component solvent base Traffic Paints
cold applied liquid thermoplastic paint
PLASTEC is a propriety paint high solids, high build paint used in conjunction with glass beads as a Cold applied Liquid Thermoplastic Paint for high traffic areas.
liquid thermo plastic traffic paints
PLASTEC is a good alternative to hot applied  solid thermoplastic traffic paint. Unlike regular thermoplastic, PLASTEC does not require the use of dangerous melt kettles
direct to metal dtm paint
We also manufacture and stock several other paint products including a Water based DIRECT TO METAL ( DTM ) paint in YELLOW, BLACK and several other stock colors.
curb paint
TECHLINE water base, easy to use, fast dry, bright colors, non-fading traffic paint can be also be used to paint curbs for protection and safety.
letter number directional stencils

are available in various sizes and fonts. Our stencil department can cut custom stencils.
stock brands of traffic line striping machines
TECHLINE water based fast dry traffic paint sprayed as a directional arrow using an airless spray machine. We stock all major brands of Traffic Line Striping machines
manufacture custom stencils
We have the capability to custom manufacture any type, size, font, shape custom stencils.
custom stencils paint colors
We can provide custom paint kits. Kits can include custom kit stencils and specially formulated paint and paint colors.
traffic paint to mark lane lines
USSC Traffic Paint have been used at the prestigious DAYTONA  MOTOR SPEEDWAY to mark all their lane lines.
traffic paint for daytona motor speedway
Our Traffic Paints are formulate to be tough and strong to stand up to the rigors of the DAYTONA MOTOR SPEEDWAY.
Airport Runway Striping Paints meet Federal Specifications.
We have a full range of Airport Runway Marking Paints and custom cut stencils to meet any specification or requirements.
striping paints airport concrete asphalt
All our Airport Runway Striping Paints are formulated to be extremely durable, bright, reflective and will strongly adhere to concrete and asphalt.
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