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Athletic Goal Post Paints

Goal Post Paints
USSCs DTM Goal Post Paints are easy to use. Water based yet VERY DURABLE. Specially formulated to adhere to ALL PAINTS and METALS. FOUR COLORS available.
direct to metal paint DTM for football soccer goals
DTM - WHITE. Extremely TOUGH and DURABLE. ONE COAT COVERAGE. Easy to use with a roller or brush. Water clean-up. Use on FOOTBALL or SOCCER GOALS.

Yellow paint for football goals
DTM- YELLOW for FOOTBALL GOALS. Excellent coverage. Easy to apply, looks GREAT.
goal post paint for football soccer goals
Make your FOOTBALL or SOCCER GOALS look like brand new with our special GOAL POST PAINTS.

Goal Post Neon Yellow paint new football goals
DTM-NEON YELLOW for FOOTBALL GOALS. Use White as Base Coat Get the NEW professional look.
White Yellow Neon goal post paint
Three colors of DTM Goal Post Paint to choose from. NEON YELLOW, WHITE and YELLOW.

Refurbish repair paint old faded Lacrosse Goals.
Use DTM to paint old faded weathered goals. Any type of old goals - metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, old paint our DTM will stick to all surfaces.
lacrosse goal paint orange
We make a special LACROSSE GOAL ORANGE color DTM as seen in the left hand side of the picture where the painting of the old goals was started.

old faded orange lacrosse goal with new orange paint
Compare the NEW BRIGHT ORANGE  in foreground verses old faded orange in the background.
Bright New Orange Paint for lacrosse goals
DTM ORANGE is formulated for easy use and YEARS OF SERVICE.
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