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Removable Floor Graphics

Paint Removable / Strippable Graphics on Floors. Names, Signs, Mascots, Logo, Designs, Anything
Tell us your graphic. We will provide you the template. Lay it down flat & paint though it.
Apply one or two coats of our STRIPE-X paint and finish the edges with a fine artist brush.
Apply two or three coats of our strippable COLD FUSION clear finish as a protective topcoat.
Logos can be highlighted and colors modified as needed.
Freely use your creativity, Add Flare, with USSC Floor Graphics.
We provide you the template and the custom paints as a kit.
Paint can be applied with a roller and brush. Clean-up is with water.
Application is simple. Give 15 mins. of dry time between coats.
Application of our COLD FUSION clear top coat for protection.
After application of the final clear coat COLD FUSION, logo can be walked on in 30 mins.
After months of service, the top coat or the base paint or both can be stripped off or refinished.
Same Floor, Same Stencil, but.....
Different Location and color.
Different Stencil / Template.
Same Steps...Filling in STRIPE-X.
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