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Concrete Stain

concrete stain
US SPECIALTY COATINGS manufactures several types and colors of concrete stains. Example of PURPLE & GRAY Concrete Stain.
concrete gray stains for old curbs
USSC GRAY Concrete Stain to protect and beautify old concrete curbs. Water base,
non flammable, no odor,

extremely low VOC;s,
red concrete stain
RED concrete stain for
HIGH VISIBILITY and SAFETY. Available with  option of aggregate already added in paint to impart a non-skid surface and fill in voids.
not to fade concrete stain
RED concrete stain is easy to apply, Organic red pigments do fade over time. Our formula is specially designed and tested not to fade fast.
protection of concrete surface from weather abrasion
Yellow Curb Paint for high visibility, safety and protection of concrete surface from wear and erosion from weather and abrasion.
yellow concrete curb paint
Yellow Curb Paint for protection can easily be applied by in-house crew using simple conventional techniques like brush, rollers and airless spray machines.