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Strippable Floor Paint-Finish

Application of Tan Floor Finish.
Apply Strippable Floor Finishes of any Color & Size on Vinyl Tiles.
Application of Black Floor Finish.
Opaque Custom Colors can be applied on Damaged, OLD Floors
Application of Tan Floor Finish.
Application is with roller. One or two coats. Any COLOR, Any Size.
Application of Clear Floor Finish.
Finish is safe, water-based, durable and has good adhesion.
Second Coat of Cold Fusion Clear Top Coat
Apply Three or Four coats of our high performance clear top coat Cold Fusion for extra protection.
Rejuvenate Old Floors with Custom Colors.
Old / Damaged Floors can be easily & inexpensively rejuvenated using this approach.
Easily Strip the Base Floor Finish and Clear Top Coats.
At a later date, if needed, the Base & Top coat be stripped.
Stripping leaves no residue and reverts back to the original Floor
Stripping is safe & easy, leaving no residue. Back to original floor
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