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Synthetic Turf Field Paint

removable line marking paint synthetic turf
Removable line marking paint STRIPE-X being spray applied as RED Lacrosse Lines on synthetic Field Turf..
paint for synthetic turf fields
STRIPE-X is safe to for all types of synthetic turf. This unique paint is a low in odor, high solids, water based thats is safe for the environment and the user.
Application removable paint on Synthetic Field Turf.
STRIPE-X is a true removable paint and can easily be removed at a later date. Available in several in stock colors. Custom color matching also available.
Removable Paint airless Spray Machines
Spray apply this paint using conventional airless spray equipment. We offer several models of bulk spray machines. Apply Lacrosse, soccer football Lines and logos.
painting removable logos lines mascot
Painting Mascots or Logos on synthetic turf using a true removable paint STRIPE-X.. We offer custom cut stencils of any size, font or design to paint logos, mascots,
painting logos synthetic truf fields
First lay the stencil down at the spot you want to paint the logo on the synthetic turf field. Paint through the dots to transpose the borders / outlines on the turf.
logos with removable paint on synthetic turf fields
Fill in with outlines with the correct STRIPE-X paint colors. Most airless spray equipments are the wand accessory with a long hose to paint several sections of the logo.
Removable Red Field Paint
Different colors of the logo can be painted by changing colors of the paint in the airless bulk spray machine or you can use aerosol removable paint.
athletic field lines letters logos mascots on synthetic sports fields.
Athletic field Lines, Logos, Letters, Mascots of any type, size, fonts, design of any color can easily be painted on synthetic turf sports fields.
removable logos lines on football field
Finished Logo and Lines. The logo and lines painted with USSC removable paints can easily be removed the next day or after the season as needed.
durable yet removable paints
Patriotic Ribbon painted with USSC STRIPE-X durable yet removable paints. Logo looks great even after 60 days of service on a synthetic turf football field.
remover for removable field paint
To remove the logo, spray the safe, water-based STRIPE-X REMOVER manufactured by USSC on top of painted logo paint and let it soak for about 5 minutes..
remover power brush synthetic turf
The water-based STRIPE-X remover is specially formulated to soften up and lift the STRIPE-X paint from the plastic filaments. Use POWER BRUSH to agitate.
how to remove paint from synthetic field turf
A wide broom can be used for manual agitation. As a final step the paint-remover mixture must be flushed / rinsed out using water. Couple of rinses could be necessary.
remover removing lacrosse lines
This an example of a problem field done with incorrect paint for Lacrosse Lines. USSC's PAINT-OFF remover was used to remove the bad-unwanted paint lines.
removable lacrosse field lines
After removal of the bad paint lines by USSC crew, the correct paint lines for Lacrosse field lines were painted by USSC crew on this synthetic turf field.
colors spray machines removable paint 
Paint used for these Lacrosse lines is a true removable water-base paint STRIPE-X. Available in several colors and can be sprayed with most airless spray machines.
custom stencil paint turf disinfectants
STRIPE-X removable paint can be removed the next day or after the season.. We manufacture the STRIPE-X paints, remover, custom stencil and turf disinfectants.
end zone painted with removable paints
Checkered football field end zone painted in white and blue with tough, durable, rain resistant yet a true removable paint STRIPE-X.
football end zone paint remover
At the end of the football season the checkered end zone paint is easily removed specially formulated safe, effective STRIPE-X REMOVER
permanent paint for synthetic field artificial turf
We manufacture the most durable aerosol field marking paint DURA STRIPE. Use this paint to mark permanent logos on lines on synthetic turf athletic field.
Mid Field Logo stencil for synthetic turf field painted pemanent paint.
Logo done with WHITE  and COLORS of USSC permanent paint for synthetic field turf. Logo can be clear coated with our POLYCOAT aerosol for more DURABILITY.
durable permanent paint for lines logos painting on synthetic field turf.
DURA STRIPE White & Colors along with our custom logo specials to paint permanent lines and permanent complex logos on synthetic turf athletic fields.
Permanent Paint spray Logos on synthetic field turf.
No logo is too complex or too simple. No logo is too big or too small. We can custom cut stencil for any logo. We have over 100 Bright Durable aerosol paint colors.
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