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Electric Vehicle EV / electric car battery charging station paint

green coating paint EV cars asphalt concrete
Formulated and manufactured by USSC an extremely durable water based acrylic Eco-friendly Green coating to paint EV on asphalt and concrete.
EV stencils coating green parking line paint
We provide the complete package - the correct and type of coating and stencils to easily paint Green parking spot lines, EV stencils, green curbs metal paint.
EV green yellow coating ready to use
EV green, yellow and white coating are shipped RTS ( Ready to use ), Can be applied using simple conventional application techniques like brush, roller or squeezes.
acrylic resin fast cure dry EV coating paint.
Formulated with tough acrylic resins for fast cure, Under normal application conditions coating is ready for foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicular traffic in 3 hours.
Custom stencils signs lettering paints electric car charging stations.
Our graphic department can custom cut stencils of any size, any sign, any font, any lettering. To discuss your specific requirements, please call us toll free.
electric vehicle EV charging station asphalt concrete paint
Electric Vehicle charging station paint is water based, eco-friendly and very DURABLE. We have specific formulation one for asphalt and one for concrete.
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