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Field Marking Paints

Aerosol Field Paint
The BEST performance Aerosol Field Paint in the market. Twelve 20 ounce cans per case. Non Clogging. No Cleanup.
Bulk Field Marking Paint in 5 gallon buckets.
USSC manufactures several grades of top quality AQUA STRIPE, 5 gallon Bulk Acrylic Latex Field Marking Paint for use in airless spray machines.

Aerosol Field Marking Paint available in colors
Manufactured by USSC for the past 30 years is a proprietary formulation. Designed with high solids, low odor, low VOC's and extremely DURABLE. Over 100 Bright colors.
bulk field marking paint custom color
Bulk Field Marking Paint is available in several grades of WHITE and 100 in-stock BRIGHT colors. Our chemists are capable to match any custom color. Just call us.

Aerosol paint striping machines
Universal spray tip designed to work with most aerosol paint striping machines. We offer spray machines that can work with all size aerosol spray cans.
field paint safe natural grass
AQUA STRIPE is made from top quality pigments and special water-based latexes designed to be safe for natural grass, the applicator and the environment.

best aerosol field paint
Our aerosol paints are designed not to hurt any type of natural grass. Spray Football Field Lines, Hash Marks, Logos with the BEST aerosol field paint in the market.
airless spray machines bulk field paints
To discuss your requirements or the options as to which one of grades of bulk paints and airless spray machines will meet your needs,
call us at 1-800-2-STRIPE.
field marking paint aerosol large fat aerosol cans
USSC manufactures 26 ounce field marking paint FAT CANS. Same top quality paint as in regular DURA STRIPE but the FAT CANS contain an 44 % more paint per can.
water based aerosol field marking paint
Formulated and manufactured by USSC a water-based, Eco Friendly, TradeMark Registered, Proprietary Formula of aerosol field marking paint.

aerosol spray machines
All USSC aerosol spray machines are specifically designed to fit and easily spray regular or FAT Aerosol CANS without any adjustments or modifications.
low odor aerosol field marking paint
Extremely low odor, high solids content, very low VOC's ( Volatile Organic Compounds ). Available in White, red, blue, yellow, florescent orange, black, and several stock colors.

field marking paint applied with spray machine
With SS2AT spray machine apply paint to both sides of the blades of grass in a single pass. Spray two FAT CANS simultaneously and change cans less often.
water base aerosol field paint pricing
Being water-base the manufacturing cost in low. Being a manufacturer we can offer extremely competitive pricing. PLEASE call us toll free

temporary chalk colors for synthetic field turf
Specially formulated
Aerosol CHALK - For Temporary Line Markings and Logos on synthetic turf sports fields.
removable paint lines logos synthetic turf athletic fields
Specially formulated removable paint manufactured by USSC to male LINES and paint LOGOS on synthetic turf athletic fields that can be easily removed later.

aerosol chalk striping machine colors
Aerosol CHALK available in Bright White and 8 BRIGHT colors. Simple to install spray cans in the aerosol striping machine. Works and sprays lines like regular paint.
removable erasable painting athletic field logos.
Use STRIPE-X bulk removable / erasable athletic field paints with conventional spray equipments designed for painting athletic fields.

spray temporary lacrosse field lines synthetic turf
Spray temporary Lacrosse field lines, soccer lines in different colors on synthetic turf fields. TURF GREEN chalk to temporary cover up football lines if needed.
custom colors removable temporary paint synthetic turf
STRIPE-X is available in White and several in-stock colors. We can custom match colors. Please call us toll free if you need details on the use of this product.

remove temporary chalk lines synthetic turf fields with soap water
CHALK lines will wear off with weather in a few days or if needed easily remove CHALK Temporary Lines with broom or soap and water required for heavy lines.
removable temporary paint for synthetic turf.
STRIPE-X is a true removable paint. Use our safe, water based STRIPE-X REMOVER to completely dissolve and throughly remove the painted lines and logos.

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