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Monthly Specials

low price aerosol marking paint
We have certain colors of ECO-STRIPE aerosol marking paint that are surplus / extras from a special color production runs. We offer special pricing on these surplus colors. As low as $ 2.50 per can. Please contact us to check what colors are available. We are offering top quality FOX VALLEY paints at $ 2 per can ( 20 ounce by volume cans, 12 cans per case )

low pricing on field paints
We produce over 77 colors of the best quality marking paints - DURA STRIPE. We have certain colors that are surplus / extras from production runs. We offer special pricing on these colors. Please call us and check the availability of colors and quantity. We offer great pricing on our surplus paints.

low price upside down aerosol marking paints
We have special pricing on our surplus Utility Marking Aerosol paints that are fitted with special UMA spray tips on upside down spray cans. Price is as low as $ 2.00 per can. 18 ounces by weight, 20 ounces by volume of paint per can. Please check with us on the availability of the quantity and colors.

graco titan airless line marking paint machines
We continually get trade-ins on Aerosol Can Striping Machines and Air-less 5 gallon Bulk Paint Striping Machines from GRACO and TITAN. We refurbish them in house and offer them at greatly discounted pricing. Please contact us to check the types, pricing and availability of these paint striping machines.

low price field marking paint
AQUA STRIPE #10EZ is a specially manufactured, high solids, water-based bulk athletic field paint. It is a Super concentrate that can easily easily be thinned with 4 parts of water. Save big on shipping costs and storage space. Yielding as low as $ 3.95 per gallon diluted. Performance guaranteed. Please call us, get our special pricing and order, you will not be disappointed.

concentrated low price field paint.
Unique Super-concentrate water-based field marking paint that can be thinned easily with 4 parts of water. It has been formulated to have 0, " ZERO" volatile organic compounds " VOCs". The lower the VOCs the better for the user, and the environment. Special introductory price offer available to yield as low as $ 4.95 per gallon. Please contact us.

low price traffic paint
A whole range of water-based, solvent-based, thermoplastic, DOT, state and Federal specification traffic line marking paints. We have special pricing on white and colors that are over-runs or surplus. Please call us to get an update on the current types and quantity at special pricing offer.

good quality low price floor finish wax janitorial products
We manufacture several types and grades of Floor Waxes and Floor Polishes. We have good quality products that are surplus or discontinued batches for liquidation at a great price. Please call us to get an update on the availability of these products.

cleaners disinfectants floor wax polish at low price specials
Specials available on a whole range of Floor Wax Strippers, Cleaners, and Janitorial Products. As low as $ 6.99 per gallon on over-runs / surplus yet effective cleaning products. Please call and check with us on the list of current products available.

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